the herbwife goes to india! (and how you can help!)

greetings readers! it’s been a long time since i’ve posted to the urban herbwife because i’ve been busily tackling midwifery school. now that i’m through with my classes, i am about to begin the hands-on portion of my training, and i need your help!  in order to complete the requirements for a cpm credential (certified professional midwife), i have to do what’s called a preceptorship–it’s essentially an apprenticeship with an experienced midwife.  for the first six months of my preceptorship, i’m going to be working at a birth center in kerala, india with a fantastic midwife named donna.  i’m trying to raise around $2000 to help defer the cost of my plane ticket–i’ve saved quite a bit to cover many of the other expenses, but as i cannot legally work in india, i’ve got a lot of living to pay for!

if you’ve enjoyed my posts and want and are able to help me with the next leg of my journey, i would be forever grateful to you!  you’ll be able to follow me on my adventure at my other wordpress blog, idylls of acadia, and you herbies will be glad to know that i’ll be planting an herb garden at the birth center–yes, there will be pictures!

so if you’re able, please hop on over to my fundraiser page and give anything you can, no matter how small.  all donations will get me one step closer to realizing my dream of becoming a homebirth midwife, and i wish many blessings on all who help me along my way! ❤

click here to help SEND ABBY TO INDIA 



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