the herbwife goes to india! (and how you can help!)

greetings readers! it’s been a long time since i’ve posted to the urban herbwife because i’ve been busily tackling midwifery school. now that i’m through with my classes, i am about to begin the hands-on portion of my training, and i need your help!  in order to complete the requirements for a cpm credential (certified professional midwife), i have to do what’s called a preceptorship–it’s essentially an apprenticeship with an experienced midwife.  for the first six months of my preceptorship, i’m going to be working at a birth center in kerala, india with a fantastic midwife named donna.  i’m trying to raise around $2000 to help defer the cost of my plane ticket–i’ve saved quite a bit to cover many of the other expenses, but as i cannot legally work in india, i’ve got a lot of living to pay for!

if you’ve enjoyed my posts and want and are able to help me with the next leg of my journey, i would be forever grateful to you!  you’ll be able to follow me on my adventure at my other wordpress blog, idylls of acadia, and you herbies will be glad to know that i’ll be planting an herb garden at the birth center–yes, there will be pictures!

so if you’re able, please hop on over to my fundraiser page and give anything you can, no matter how small.  all donations will get me one step closer to realizing my dream of becoming a homebirth midwife, and i wish many blessings on all who help me along my way! ❤

click here to help SEND ABBY TO INDIA 



the wheel of the year, part 6: beltane

(very late due to tornaditude—read it and then come back to it next year :))

throughout the process of writing my wheel of the year posts, i’ve repeatedly been amazed how the goings on in my life have so closely aligned with the themes and stories of the holidays that i investigate.  this is a writer’s dream really—an pile of obvious connections just handed to me on a plate—a good set of tangible, real-world examples just there for the taking.  beltane was no different, but i certainly wish it had been. Read the rest of this entry »

not in kansas anymore, toto!

hi all.  my town, tuscaloosa, was among those southern cities recently devastated by record-breaking tornados.  i’m fine, and my family is fine, but the posts are on hold for a week or two.  send god/goddess/universe power our way!!!


southern appalachian folk medicine intensive, april 29-may 1

this class is being offered by my herb teacher phyllis light.  it is not to be missed!  contact her for more information 🙂


Southern Appalachian Folk Medicine

3 Day Intensive

Friday and Saturday, April 29 & 30 and Sunday, May 1

Time: 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday

Supper break and then 7:00 – 9:00 in the evening 9:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. on Sunday

Breakfast and dinner on your own.

Lunch provided all three days.


Location: 329 South Main St., Arab, AL 35016

Appalachian Center for Health Studies

Cost: $360.00

Contact: 256-931-0351


Register by phone or email.

Please let me know any special dietary needs you might have at the time of registration.


There is some sleeping space available at the Center, some beds available at the Native American Resource Center for a modest fee, camping in the side yard and several local hotels which are reasonably priced.

Kitchen and shower facilities are available at the Center.


Topics for the Weekend Include:

History of regional folk medicine

Southern blood types (sweet, sour, bitter, salty)

Principles of Southern Appalachian folk medicine

Plant identification walks and regional uses

Three levels of healing in folk medicine – physical, psychological, spiritual

Old timey herb uses and health protocols

How Tommie Bass used herbs and a discussion of his formulas

Digestion, Nerves and health in the Southern model

Native American plant use and healing practices

And anything else which comes up!

my artfire shop is open! :)

greetings readers.  my ostara blog will be out tomorrow, but in the mean time, if you’re interested in organic, eco-friendly body care products, plus some other awesome odds and ends, check out my new artfire store.

The Urban Herbwife

check back may 1 for double the item listings!

proceeds go towards midwifery textbooks for my first semester 🙂 🙂

blessings and thanks for your support!


new stuff coming soon!

just so you don’t think i’ve fallen off the face of the earth, i have a (very late) ostara blog for the wheel of the year, a few more natural motherhood entries, and an herbal blog or two coming up very soon.  it’s been an emotionally taxing few weeks–any good energy sent my way would be greatly appreciated! 🙂


subscribing :)

greetings!  i’ve had a couple of folks contact me about being added to my email list.  i don’t have a newsletter or a mailer (yet) but you can go to the bottom of any post and click on the “subscribe via email” button.  you’ll be notified when anything new is posted.  many thanks for your support and interest!


natural motherhood part 4 coming soon!

greetings all!  as you can tell by the infrequency of my posts lately, my schedule is nuts!  no worries though…. part four will be out this week, and then i’ll take a short break with that series and post some more general herbal goodies.

on a slightly related noted, i’ve been accepted to birthwise midwifery and will be moving to maine to start school in the fall!!  can’t wait! 🙂

natural motherhood, part 3: the big, bad list of “no-nos”

you knew this was coming, right?  amidst talk of all the wonderful new things you get to do (be goddess-controller of the air conditioning, add frivolous things to grocery lists, stop sucking in your gut for the first time since you were eight) is the dreaded list of “thou shalt nots.”  now, i’m not a doctor, so my word isn’t law here (funny how we assume that five extra years in college=always right!) but i do have some good source material and a lot of common sense.  i’m a teacher and a researcher by trade, and birth is my subject of choice.  just sayin’……this isn’t THE list; it’s the herbwife’s list.  amend as you see fit.  ask for second (and third, and fourth) opinions.  also, don’t assume that doing a few of these things a few times=sure trouble.  repetition increases risk with any harmful substance.  plenty of women have had beautiful, healthy babies after doing a whole slew of these things—-these are just guidelines for giving yourself and your baby the best chance at health. Read the rest of this entry »

the wheel of the year, part 4: imbolc

can i be honest with you?  this week has really sucked.  i found out that one of the classes that i’m teaching pays nothing until the end of the semester, and when it does pay, it only pays based on how many students actually completed the class (which means that if i spent 10 hours grading a student’s work before he dropped out, i simply don’t get paid for that time…..poof!  it’s gone.)  not sure how that’s legal.  so all of this boils down to me getting 2/3 of my normal pay (don’t teach college; you’ll starve!) and the little bit extra i get at the end is going to be a pittance compared to the amount of work i put in.  also, i’m working a couple of jobs, neither of which pays very well and one of which verges on eating my life (there’s a dent in the far left couch cushion from all of the “office hours” i’ve had to put in.)  i miss my husband, despite being across the room from him, i’m tired of sitting on my butt, i’m mad at my job, and here’s the worst part—-i’m REALLY tired of bitching all the time!   for the past month my facebook statuses (stati?) have been eeyore-ish, and i’m sick of it! Read the rest of this entry »

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