healthy greens for potato chip addicts: kale chips

if you’re the kind of person who can sit down in front of the tv and eat a whole bag of potato chips at once, then this recipe is for you.  i found out about kale chips while surfing through raw food videos on youtube (my official opinion on going raw, btw, is that it’s difficult, unhealthy, and time consuming—but that doesn’t mean that using raw foods as part of your diet is a bad idea!)

so anyway, i found this recipe and was intrigued by it.  at first, i didn’t believe the claims about the rockin’ tastiness of dried kale, but i was looking for healthier snacks and it seemed something i might be able to try.  i used the raw foods method, meaning that my chips were dehydrated, not baked, but you can do either and i’m including instructions for both ways. Read the rest of this entry »