herbal solutions for cold-weather skincare

there are so many things that i love about cold weather.  i love the feel of clean, cold air on my skin, i love the smell of wood smoke from fires, i love the way that light falls differently in the afternoons, and (oddly enough) i love overcast days where billowing gray clouds seem like they’re reaching down to touch the earth.  emotionally, i start to come alive as the weather starts to cool down—i wish i could say that my skin harbors the same good feelings.  perhaps the only thing that i despise about cold weather (partly, mind you, because i’ve never had to drive in snow) is the havoc that it wreaks on my skin.  i was blessed with a veritable oil well from the neck up, and saharan sands from the neck down.   the good part about this is that i won’t have to worry too much about wrinkles, due to my “dewy southern complexion,” but the bad part is that, between the oil-control soaps i’ve been handed for my face and the arid wintry wind that exacerbates my already-dry parts, i’m quite possibly a walking wildfire risk! Read the rest of this entry »


green up your laundry with soap nuts!

i have been gifted with what i consider to be two fairly fun and healthy qualities….i’m a skeptic when it comes to “miracle products,” those things in life that just sound too good to be true, but i’m also willing to try (nearly) anything once, in order to see for myself.  such a little scientist–i know.  well, when i first heard of soap nuts, i thought it sounded, well….. nuts!  but let me back up a bit.

i’ve always on some level detested the smell of fabric softener and really perfume-y laundry detergent.  (ask my husband to describe the face i make when we walk past that aisle in target! if hell had a smell, it would be that of gain) Read the rest of this entry »