herbal allies for college crunch time


i was remarking to a friend at dinner tonight how odd (and completely wonderful) it is not to be writing 60-ish pages of final papers or preparing for final exams (for the first time in fooorrrrrr—eeeeeee-verrrrrrr).  i graduated with a master’s in english this past august, and for the three years leading up to that, november and april had always been times of anxiety, late nights, endless pots of coffee, sleeplessness, and eye-strain headaches.  i currently teach in the english department, but most of my friends are still in school there and are still having to deal with term papers and finals.  i feel their pain (even when i point and laugh >:D). Read the rest of this entry »


KOMBUCHA!! da-da dada-da-da da-da…

(for those of you who for some odd reason did not intuit this already, my title is to be sung to the tune of “tequila”)

over the past several years, i’ve developed an unhealthy obsession with kombucha (if you can have an unhealthy obsession with something so healthy), oftentimes paying up to $4.50 for a 20 oz bottle of the stuff.  the first time i tried kombucha, i didn’t really like it.  it’s very, very sour….almost vinegar-y.  and it’s got strange floating things in it that look like they should probably be strained out before any human being comes near it.  Read the rest of this entry »

it’s better than tea–it’s an infusion!

one of the very first herbal preparations that i was ever introduced to was susun weed’s herbal infusion.  an infusion is like a tea, but stronger, and it’s a great substitute for your daily multi-vitamin!  with infusions, you can draw both the nutritive (vitamins, minerals, chorophyll, essential fatty acids, etc.) and the medicinal (tannins, alkaloids, flavonoids, etc.) properties from dried herbs, and in much larger amounts than a fifteen-minute-steep tea. Read the rest of this entry »