lunar musings

as we approach the full moon, i feel compelled to write about it…but what to say?  there’s so much that it’s almost impossible to know where to begin.  the moon has fascinated human beings (english teachers, get ready to cringe) since the daaaaaaaawn of tiiiiiiiiime!  but seriously, humans have been mystified by this serene celestial body, i am positive, for as long as there has been abstract thought.  each culture has its own set of myths and legends, gods and goddesses, associated with the moon, and both our recent (well, relatively anyway) lunar landing and our subsequent failure to return have only further fueled humanity’s obsession with our nearest neighbor.

i suppose that, since i’m approaching such a massively huge topic, the best place to start would be, well, with a definition—and with some good old-fashioned science—but not too old-fashioned mind you!.  so what is a moon?  in general, a moon is a natural satellite of a planet.  earth’s moon (i wonder if she’s upset that we just call her moon; the other moons have sweet names) is 238,900 miles away and is about 1/80 the size of its primary, the planet earth.   Read the rest of this entry »